Love Letter: A Wife’s Silent War Against Clutter

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A messy home can be maddening, especially for a stay-at-home parent. Add two small children and an occasionally unheeding spouse and you have this week’s Modern Love essay, which chronicles the tale of a polo shirt left abandoned on a cabinet for eight months and a wife’s hard stance against cleaning up after her husband.

In this week’s Vows, love came easy for Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim, a television writer and the daughter of the Golden Globe Award-winning actor Cybill Shepherd, and Eliza Ladensohn, the founder of the women’s clothing line Sloane & Tate. Although the couple knew early on that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, it would take eight years of dating before they said “I do.”

And, read on if you’ve ever wondered if you were wearing your wedding band wrong. Or why a close friend might leave you off their guest list. We have answers.

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