Modern Love: Listen: Busy Philipps Reads ‘How to Break Up With a 2-Year-Old’

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Listen: Busy Philipps Reads ‘How to Break Up With a 2-Year-Old’

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Listen: Busy Philipps Reads ‘How to Break Up With a 2-Year-Old’

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At 40, Laurie Sandell met a man with a child whom she learned to love as her own. When the relationship with the man unraveled, Ms. Sandell was forced to say goodbye not only to him but also to the little girl she had come to love. On this week’s Modern Love podcast, Busy Philipps reads Ms. Sandell’s essay, “How to Break Up With a 2-Year-Old.”

Ms. Sandell is a magazine writer and author of two books, “The Impostor’s Daughter” and “Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family.” She is now married and the mother of a 5-year-old boy.

Ms. Philipps is an actor and writer. This October, Ms. Philipps published her memoir, “This Will Only Hurt a Little,” and launched a late-night talk show on E! called “Busy Tonight.” Stay tuned after the reading to hear from her, Ms. Sandell and Modern Love editor Daniel Jones.

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