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That’s how much Americans spent on chlorophyll supplements last year. Should they have? Probably not! Here are the facts. (But really: You’re not a tree! You don’t photosynthesize!)

➼ Learn more facts about: ◉ Kombucha ◉ Activated charcoal ◉ Fish oil ◉ Turmeric.

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That’s how long one husband left his shirt atop a cabinet in a hallway. Why do men do the things they do? Why do any of us?

That’s how much this incredibly cool sculpture by Kara Walker probably costs. A-Rod didn’t buy it, but he should have.

That’s how much our reporter made working as a “turker.” We checked in on Mechanical Turk — that’s Amazon’s service where you can hire remote workers for simple tasks — and it doesn’t seem ideal.

That’s how old one of the most popular gamers in the world is, and he’s just been banned from Fortnite, the game that made him famous and brought him his salary. What happens when you build a media-sports-business conglomerate on the talents of very young people?

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